Who is the real Mrs. Claus? How did Mrs. Claus meet Santa? Can Santa truly run the North Pole without her?

Kids and adults want answers. This book provides a few and reveals some other well-kept North Pole secrets (and a fun Mrs. Claus' North Pole Map with hidden numbers) for you to discover.

The Great Mrs. Claus is told by Sparky, Santa's senior elf, and his favorite nephew and neice, Rassle and Klee-Klee, whose surprising bedtime demonstration prompts their doting uncle Sparky to share a seldom-told poem that details how Santa first met Mrs. Claus and fell (literally!) in love with her.

At heart, The Great Mrs. Claus is a coming-of-age story that proves we're never too old to show our true affections for one another. It features Mrs. Claus - an often overlooked but smart and fiercely independent-minded woman with an enormous sense of humor!